The Bureau of Arts Demoni’art has the goal to promote Art and Culture at SKEMA Business School. There are 21 active members in this group.

We organise many events such as: a day at the carnival of Dunkerque, a trip to Barcelona to take part in the “Trophée des Arts”, Students Got Talent, the Gala at the end of the year , the Arts week, the Afternoon Café for all the student associations, some parties at the Magazine Club and other cultural events.

The Bureau of Arts has several partnerships with cultural organisations such as the “Théâtre du Nord”, the Tri Postale, the Magazine Club, the National Orchestra of Lille, the Aeronef, the magazine “les Inrockuptibles”…

Members of Demoni’art are happy to animate the artistic life at SKEMA and to gather all students of SKEMA Business School during their 2019 mandate. Wearing pink, you won’t be able to miss them.





President : Caroline COLLOMB

Contact :

Phone : 06 79 52 36 80


BDA Démoniart