The BDE Magestik aims to federate the Lille promotion. Its 19 members presided over by Clémence David make every effort to offer pleasant events so that students can get to know each other and get along. BDE Magestik also organizes a flagship intercampus event such as the WEI (Integration Weekend) in collaboration with BDE Revol'vert and BDE Sk'Libur.

The MGKs are also in charge of the end-of-the-year Gala which allows the promotion to meet to celebrate the end of a year and exams.

In addition, they organize other events such as afterworks and theme nights.

The Student Office has to convey the 3 great values of SKEMA: SOLIDARITY, HUMILITY and RESPECT.



President : Clémence DAVID

Contact :

Phone : 07 60 78 54 80

Facebook Page : Bde Magestik

Instagram : bdemagestik


BDE Magestik