The BDE Rhinocé’rose’s main vocation is to federate the promotion of the Sophia Antipolis campus.

Chaired by LEHUT Baptiste, this association brings the campus to life through various events. In addition, the BDE Rhinocé’rose’s mission is to coordinate all the associations on the Sophia Antipolis campus in order to ensure the smooth running of the campus.

– The organization of an event with a national scope: the SEI, which consists of organizing in collaboration with the BDE PNK (Lille) and the BDE SK’HIGH (Paris) an event that aims to weld the whole promotion and ensure the good integration of each student.

– The setting up of an end of year gala allowing students to meet for one of the last evenings before leaving their classmates and celebrate the end of the exams in a prestigious setting.

– The organization of evenings and events/activities such as afterworks which aim once again to weld the promotion and create strong links between the different students.

– Contributing to the smooth running of the BDE lists in order to ensure the motivation and responsibility that their successors can have.

– A role of direct interlocutor with the students who have questions on many subjects for a good progress during their schooling.

– Participate in the international influence of the school and be a reflection of the professionalism of SKEMA’s associative life.



President : LEHUT Baptiste

Contact :


BDE Rhinocé’rose