The Bureau of Sports (BDS) of SKEMA Business School is the ultimate sports association, in fact, it aims to promote physical activity and all the values that are conveyed through the practice of sport, within the school. BDS has 21 members, who are responsible for managing the various sports, both courses and inter-school competitions. In addition, there is a wide range of sports at SKEMA, from the most classic (football, rugby, tennis, volleyball, handball, etc.) to the most original (self defense, yoga, golf, etc.). These sports are practiced throughout Lille.

BDS also participates in the animation of the promotion with the organization of sports events and in particular with the Semi-Ski, one of the school's flagship events, or the charity race La Lilloise in coordination with the Hope association.

BDS is also starting to create a KOP and a group of POM-POMs to support and encourage our sports teams during inter-school competitions.




President : Jeanne Couedel

Contact :

Phone : +33 7 86 84 31 26


BDS SK’onqueros