Work In Progress   ______________________ President : Jérôme GROLLIER Contact :   Association gérée par les étudiants du Programme Grande École du campus de Lille

BDE Magestik

The BDE Magestik aims to federate the Lille promotion. Its 19 members presided over by Clémence David make every effort to offer pleasant events so that students can get to know each other and get along. BDE Magestik also organizes

He For She SKEMA

HeforShe is a campaign promoting gender equality, launched by the United Nations Women in September 2014. The first objective is to involve men and boys in the movement for equality by encouraging them to take measures against inequalities that women



S’Konnection is an association, created in 2007 thanks to the 1901 regulation. Its first aim is to welcome foreign students to SKEMA Business School’s campus in Lille and to integrate them into the student life. We also want to improve

BDS SK’ommanders

The Bureau of Sports (BDS) of SKEMA Business School is the ultimate sports association, in fact, it aims to promote physical activity and all the values that are conveyed through the practice of sport, within the school. BDS has 21

BDA Démoniart

The Bureau of Arts Demoni’art has the goal to promote Art and Culture at SKEMA Business School. There are 21 active members in this group. We organise many events such as: a day at the carnival of Dunkerque, a trip

7ème Art

Septième Art is the cinematographic association of SKEMA Business School on Lille Campus. Our goal is to promote the multiple aspects of the cinema industry in Lille, more precisely among SKEMA students. Through the industry, the association wants also to