DiSKovery is the cooking association of SKEMA Business School in Lille. It was created in 2005 by people who were passionate about cooking. They wanted to make culinary arts an activity accessible to all. It is a convivial and dynamic association which aims to introduce students to cooking at different events during the whole year.

Composed by almost 30 active members, DiSKovery is a well-reknown association in the school.

The association wants to show students the beauty and the kindness of flavours at buffets, afterworks, conferences and so on. It also offers students some recipes, cooking reviews and tutorials on its website which is regularly updated.

Moreover, the association is a way for its members to share, but, above all, to enjoy by participating in a major culinary competition and also to create one allowing students of the school to reveal their talent as cooks and to discover new flavours.

Gourmands are welcome!

Recruitments are generally done in September and January, they are open to all but can be different, depending on the number of candidates (from a simple “interview” to a dish prepared freely and tasted by the “recruiters”).

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President : Céline Xuan Hang Nguyen

Contact : xuanhang.nguyen@skema.edu

Téléphone :


Lille : diSKovery_lille

Sophia : diSKovery_sophia

Paris : diSKovery_paris

DiSKovery Lille