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Enactus SKEMA Business School is the association of social and ethical entrepreneurship of SKEMA (located in the Lille Campus, Enactus is also active in the Sophia Antipolis campus). This association is already present in 36 countries and gathers more than 72 000 students each year.
Across several projects, our goal is to acquire and develop professional skills while having a positive impact on the society and the environment.
With 20 members in Lille, we work on several projects:

  • Recyc’lille, a project which aims at valorizing fruits and vegetables which are thrown away in the market places, especially by creating soups and fruit juices for the products that are still consumable and by producing biogas through the methanation of the rest.
  • GreenVN, a project which aims at improving the living conditions of Hanoï (Vietnam) inhabitants thanks to the creation of a collect center and waste sorting.
  • Restart, a project aiming to create an event agency that allows young jobseekers to be introduced or reintroduced in the labor market. It allows to improve the recruitment process by the latter on soft skills (human and relational qualities).
  • Art Cover, a project which aims to create computers slipcovers from recycled materials coming from artworks painted by art students. It allows the latter to get some visibility and make a profit on their work.
  • Erega, a project that wants to give the opportunity to students to train entrepreneurs to managerial skills with the help of a professional council composed by teachers and searchers. In the future, the goal is to create a web platform in order to contribute to the answer share and the creation of a network between entrepreneurs and students.

Our true added value at SKEMA is that we are giving you the opportunity to create our own project benefiting from the coherence and the appreciation of the association followed by a concrete long term strategy with our partners, thanks to the Consultative Administrative Council which regroups business professionals who support and advise us about how to manage the association.
Through the year, we participate to seminars : Eclosion consists in the creation of a project, emerging ideas, Booster gives a concrete boost to our projects, and finally the national competition may offer you the opportunity to go to the international competition (this year again at the Silicon Valley). Moreover, we participate to different formations and events organized by Enactus France which supports us during the development of our projects. All along the year, our projects might participate to contests where we can win seed fundings.
Last but not least, Enactus is mainly about meeting people, meeting a lot of people.


President : Vincent Garcia

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Facebook : Enactus

Enactus (Lille)