By offering programs to students around the science of happiness, we aim to make people happier and change the way how we do business in the 21st century.

  • We want to change the way of thinking about our lives and how we act and live our lives
  • Our Motto: “You can do it”; “Choose Happiness” : You can choose happiness in your life, convey the message that happiness is not innate but acquired and developed.
  • We want to change the way how we interact with other people and do business in the 21st century

A trend for happiness is also coming to China. SKEMA students, as future successful managers and business people, need to learn more about life than only economics in order to be virtuous leader/ role models for other people and happy in their own skin.

Our activities range from: Meditation, Yoga, Pilates to Games and Food Discovery. At the end of every semester, we launch a Summit for Students and business people.


President: Dimitri SMANIA

Contact :

Happiness Student Association