HOPE (Humanitarian Organisation Promoting Equity), the new humanitarian association on SKEMA’s Lille Campus, is the fusion of the 5 previous humanitarian associations.

This association holds 5 strong daily projects: 3 international missions supporting orphans and children in the streets of Vietnam, Cambodia and Senegal ; and 2 local missions (the Social Action mission which promotes sustainable development and equity among the Lille area, and the Tutoring mission which helps secondary-school pupils with difficulties in different schools in Lille.
During the whole year, HOPE brings the school and the city to life, for the sake of raising funds for the several missions. Consequently, we organize many events (charity running, Christmas market, shows, theme days, foodstuff collect) and we solicit firms and institutions to help us.
HOPE is the biggest association of SKEMA, it brings more than 80 active members together. Thus, this gives HOPE a lot of clout and builds its strength everyday. It will actually continues to grow, since HOPE will have a foothold on all the French campuses of SKEMA in Lille and Sophia Antipolis.

You want to join a close and friendly association, which fights for causes that matter to you? Join HOPE.


President (Lille): Sophie Lo
President Contact : sophie.lo@skema.edu
Phone : 07 83 13 36 71

Email: hope.skema@gmail.com

Facebook Page: HOPE

Instagram Account : hope.skema

Snapchat Account : hopeskema

HOPE (Lille)