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HOPE is a charitable and ecologic organization managed by students in SKEMA’s campus in Sophia Antipolis and is also present on SKEMA’s campuses in Lille and Paris
The organization counts more than 30 members who chose this particular organization for its ambitious goals.

HOPE members yearn to develop the organization’s notoriety by expanding the homogeneity on the 3 campuses.

As far as the local level is concerned, HOPE has signed a far-reaching partnership with Antibes’ Red Cross. Its members are now working as volunteers by helping homeless people during the cold seasons and by delivery food and clothes for families in need.

Hope is also in touch with other organizations in the campus. Next September HOPE and EPO (SKEMA’s rugby team) are planning on initiating the children in need of the area to play rugby in order for the children to learn about rugby’s values such as respect, sharing, and hard work.
HOPE works also with Yachting (SKEMA’s sailing team) and organize sailing trips during the weekend for the children who live in an orphanage in Cannes. HOPE members also tutor students in one of Antibes’ secondary school every Thursday.

HOPE is also planning on organizing a very big charity gala for the next semester, and of course all the proceeds will go a charity better known as Adrien, an organization that help sick children in hospitals.

On the international level, 9 of HOPE members have been to Morocco in the beginning of April. The trip’s main goal was to deliver school supply for a charity that cares for children with down syndrome.
In order to collect funds, HOPE organized The Foot4School, a charity football game with the BDS (Sport organization in Skema), all the participants had to bring notebooks and pencil cases full of pens, markers and coloring pencils. HOPE also managed to get paint to renovate the classroom, and offered more than 30 kg worth of toys and games.
HOPE’s ecology department has also been expanding its activities this year: A partnership has been signed with Le Marchand Bio and it allows students to buy baskets of organic fruits and vegetables without having to spend a huge amount of money on it.
HOPE is also working on installing 3 beehives (2 in Paris and Lille) in SKEMA’s campuses and will then sell its own honey and protect bees in the same time.

Moreover, HOPE has been entrusted with a very important mission this year; Camille Muris, a former student and member of the association, unfortunately died in the attacks in Nice on the 14th of July last year. Her family and loved ones have made important donations with which HOPE is working to implement a project very close to her heart: Camille wanted to build a center for disadvantaged children in Belo Horizonte. It is an enormous project that will be realized within several years of course and HOPE is happy to start on her behalf.


President : Cyrielle Andlauer

Contact :


HOPE (Sophia Antipolis)