meta-294x300Métamorphose has been SKEMA’s fashion association ever since 1994.

Its main goal is to promote fashion and beauty, in the Lille area, thanks to various events: fashion shows, thrift shopping, private sales, student parties, and also the regular publication of articles.

Strong of its success and always wanting to innovate, the association launched in 2018 the SPLITT pole which proposes creations available for purchase (cap, sweater …)

Very active on Instagram, Métamorphose offers its 1000 subscribers the latest fashion news, trends and inspirations.

  • Fashion Shows:

As the name suggests, the Fashion Shows team is in charge of everything related to the organization of the fashion shows: logistics (room reservation, equipment…), selection of outfits and models, choice of theme, choice of DJ and exceptional creators in collaboration with the Partnerships team… The last designers fashion show gathered more than 300 spectators at the Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille. The work of our amazing team allowed us to make people discover wonderful creations in a professional setting.

  • Internet:

Showcase of our association and witness of our dynamism, the Internet team takes care of the realization of photos, videos, articles for the blog and very frequent publications on the multiple social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Partnerships:

It aims to: Raise funds to increase the depth and professionalism of our events Finding partnerships allows us and businesses to share our passion for fashion through the delivery of services, meetings, coupon codes, and gifts of goodies.

The Partnerships team allows SKEMA’s students to benefit from partnerships and discounts in Lille boutiques.

  • Creation:

It is geared towards the design of unique clothing and accessories highlighted during our events. The organization of sewing workshops allows students of the school to discover the world of creation through the making or customization of various pieces.

  • Events:

The role of the Events team is to organize all events apart from the fashion show. Few examples include themed parties (Valentine’s Day PAF), conferences or breakfasts. The Events team also organizes a fashion week.

  • Splitt:

Splitt is a shop within our association whose aim is to promote a certain type of fashion that is “simple, effective and affordable”. Being part of the Splitt team means having a training in sales, design and communication around clothing. So, if you have always dreamed of launching your own brand, to make clothing capsules (caps, sweatshirts, t-shirt …) by dressing the students of your school year, and last but not least if you like challenges, you should be part of the Splitt team


President : Ilona Costey

Contact :

Phone : 06 15 23 71 86

Facebook: Métamorphose

Blog: Métamorphose