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Founded in 2009, SKEMA Conseil is a group of 3 Junior-Enterprises located in Lille, Paris and Sophia Antipolis. These J.E. (Junior-Enterprise) provide studies for their different clients, whether entrepreneurs or big groups, in sectors such as marketing, communication, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, translation and also corporate social responsibility. Awarded the Partner Challenge in 2014 and with its three organisations now members of the list of the top 30 best J.E. of France (L30), SKEMA Conseil group is a complete and unique dynamic structure in France, thanks to its projects led at a national level and an ambitious vision of the future based on a shared strategy.

Since 1987, SKEMA Conseil Lille has been offering high quality services to its customers. Its ISO 9001 certification and its several awards, among which the Best French Junior-Enterprise 2012 trophy, have made SKEMA Conseil Lille an expert in the movement. Among the 8 best French Junior-Enterprises for 5 years now, SKEMA Conseil Lille enjoys an innovative business park, as evidence the numerous start-up incubators that boost the Lille area and bode good future prospects.

SKEMA Conseil Paris has been keeping moving forward since its creation in 2011. After having obtained the Junior-Enterprise brand in 2014, SKEMA Conseil Paris won the most promising Junior-Enterprise label, which awards the most encouraging Junior-Enterprise of the movement. Situated in the heart of La Défense neighborhood, SKEMA Conseil Paris enjoys a stimulating economic environment dealing with the key issues, and a constant progress in terms of turnover that is a sign of a brilliant future.

Among the founders of the French Junior-Enterprise National Confederation in 1969, SKEMA Conseil Nice Sophia-Antipolis offers a 50 years old valuation to its clients in its services. Its ambition, engagement and rigour took form through the ISO 9001 certification and the Lucie Label passed by the Junior-Enterprise, which awards the approaches related to the corporate social responsibility. SKEMA Conseil Nice Sophia-Antipolis has thus imposed itself as a major player amongst the J.E. of the region Méditerranée.

If you want to learn more about SKEMA Conseil, you can visit our website: SKEMA Conseil



Lille : Thomas Olivier

Contact :  thomas.olivier@skema.edu / info@skemaconseil-lille.com

Website : info@skemaconseil-lille.com

Paris : Nathan PERNEY

Contact : nathan.perney@skema.edu

Sophia-Antipolis : Erwan SAVOYEN

Contact : erwan.savoyen@skema.edu

SKEMA Conseil