SKEMA Finance is a student association from SKEMA Business School born in November 2011. Result of the merger between Lille and Sophia Antipolis financial associations, SKEMA Finances’ objectives are:

  • Promote corporate and market finance in the student environment
  • Be the example of the SKEMA financial paths and courses (its MSc in Financial Markets and Investment (FMI) ranked 6th by the Financial Times, but also its joint-degrees CFA-AFI and CCA)
  • Maintain and add value to the alumni network working in the financial sphere throughout the globe

The association guarantees student to flourish themselves, on personal and educational levels, through discussions, exchanges, and team projects such as: trading contests, conferences, trading floor visits, financial news and analytics on its website and much more.

The association has set up an investment fund on each campus: following an educational framework and vision, members are initiated to comprehension of financial markets and corporate finance through technical and essential analysis and research.


Website : SKEMA Finance

President (Lille) : Léa MATHON

Contact :

Phone : +33 6 62 46 76 45

Facebook Page : SKEMA Finance

Instagram : SKEMA Finance Lille

President (Sophia) : François AUBONNET

Contact :

Phone : +33 7 86 50 37 54

Facebook Page: SKEMA Finance

Instagram : SKEMA Finance Sophia

President (Paris) : Youssef NAILI

Contact :

SKEMA Finance