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Message to the 2022 candidates

Welcome to the SKEMA Business School associations website!

This website presents the school's associations on each campus, in France and abroad.

Why join an association?

As soon as you are admitted to SKEMA, the associations will present themselves to you and you will be able to apply for them. They will open their doors to you in the form of interviews and projects to be submitted.

Once you are a member of one or two at the maximum, you will join a real family. The associations bring together people who share similar passions and are the real heart of the school. You'll meet some of the greatest people you've ever met through events, afterworks and parties. You will also have the opportunity to work for months on projects that you will be proud to present to the other students on the D-day and that will have learned you a lot.

Finally, an association is a way of putting your knowledge acquired in class to good use, as it functions like a real company, with an office and members with various levels of responsibility.

The Importance of Associations at SKEMA

All SKEMA campuses have their own associations, but these are always based on the values of inclusion and respect. The associations will be a place where you can meet other people who share the same passions, projects or ambitions as you. This spirit will follow you even when you go abroad, where the associations will be a reference point for you when you arrive on a new campus.

No matter where you settle each semester, in France or abroad, you will be able to integrate the campus community life. Moreover, your projects, like you, are designed to travel between the different campuses. Have you fallen in love with an association in Lille and are you leaving the next semester for the new campus in Stellenbosch? It's up to you to join it or to create it on the spot!

A constantly evolving community life

SKEMA's community life is always on the move: new associations appear and develop each year on one or more campuses at the same time. For example, the health crisis has highlighted the issue of students' psychological well-being through the health crisis. This is why the Open Mind association was born on several campuses with the goal of offering a supportive ear to each student and accompanying them in their personal development when they are going through a difficult period.

The association projects are now part of the dynamic followed by the school, which aims to provide a glocal offer to students. The objective is to develop associations on all of the school's campuses around the world, while at the same time developing local expertise. In addition, the number of inter-campus projects is constantly increasing. This requires good coordination and increases the number of responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the various members. Whether it is the organisation of an integration weekend, a humanitarian project or the creation of a website, the skills acquired will be an asset for your professional project.

The Admissible 2022 staff and the members of SKEMA's associations hope that you will find all the information you are looking for on this portal, developed by One ID, the association focused on new technologies present in Lille & Raleigh.

How can you get involved in the life of the association and/or benefit from membership fees for events?

By becoming a contributor!

You acquire the status of "Contributor" after having paid your student contribution (via a Lydia link) to CASK, a national student association whose objective is to develop and support SKEMA's associative network.

The student fee will give you the opportunity to :

• First of all, to join one or two associations at the school. Thanks to this fee, you will be able to take advantage of the associative life that SKEMA offers you and, above all, contribute to it!

• It also allows you to make the most of the events that are organised throughout the year because the payment of the membership fee entitles you to preferential rates on all these events!

For more information about the contribution:

CASK President: Hyppolite Moulin -