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Broad'Lille is the performing arts association of Skema Lille.

BROAD'LILLE is the performing arts association of SKEMA Lille. It organizes two shows a year in a concert hall of the Lille metropolis. Choral performances are performed in various hospitals or retirement homes in Lille in partnership with the HOPE association. Broad'Lille also organizes improv theatre matches and evenings such as cabaret or karaoke evenings. The members of the association all share a common goal: to share their passion, such as dance, theatre, improvisational theatre and singing, in order to unite them in the production of their events. These shows are also staged by people from the Costume & Decors, Communication, Vents and Canvassing division. If you want to go on stage with experience or not, or if you are motivated to set up these events, do not hesitate to apply within the different poles of the association to be part of this great adventure!

Main events :
Broad'Lille's flagship event is the bi-annual show! This show is not a simple play. On the model of a musical, singing and dancing take place throughout the performance. In just a few months, actors, dancers and singers put on a show that they proudly present in November and March each year. These shows are also put together and organised by the people in the Setting & Disguise, Communication, Events and Solicitation departments.

The second flagship event of the association is the Students’ Got Talent. Co-organized with the BDA, it is the student event of the year. All the arts will be at the rendezvous for an extraordinary show: music, dance, singing but also magic, acrobatics and many others! The Lille students between 18 and 25 years old will be there to let their talent express on stage. In the end, the opportunity to express oneself in public in a large setting, but also to touch the €500 cashprize by appearing on the podium.

Classical Theatre Department
Broad’Lille’s theatre department is composed of all the comedians who act with a text, contrary to the improvisation department. Because it is responsible for all the theatre part of the big final show, it plays a major role within Broad’Lille. Indeed, the main event of the association, the semestrial show, brings together theatre, danse and song on the stage. This show is a play, which choice is initially made by the theatre pole, and to which are added dancing and singing interventions. Once the choice of the play has been made, the members gather several times a month to set up rehearsals and to organize the whole theatre play. Please note that the plays are in French.

Improvisation Theater Department
The improvisational theatre department welcomes both experienced improvisers and beginners. The sessions consist of warm-up exercises and improvisations in different forms in order to train for the improvisation matches. The improvisation matches consist of a match between two teams who choose a theme among those proposed by the public. Once the theme has been chosen, the team has only 30 seconds to prepare, and then the improvisation begins! The winning team is chosen by the audience. There is no lack of happiness and humour, so do not hesitate to join us to explore your improvisation skills and get your imagination working! Please note that the improvisations are made in French. 

Dance Department
The passion for dance is what drives all the member of the team. No matter their formation or their preferred style: classical, modern jazz, contemporary, hip hop, or anything else, each one contributes to the quality of the group. The main occupation of the team is the creation of the choreographies for the semestrial show in collaboration with the Theatre and Singing departments. 

Singing Department
The singing department welcomes singing lovers, whether they are experienced or not, and has the aim to set up the musical part of Broad’Lille’s biannual show. But even before hitting the stage for the final representation, the singing department lends its voice to diverse other events as for encounters at nursing homes or during karaoke evenings with the Skemiens. 

Scenery & Costumes Department
What would be a musical without any dazzling setting, breath-taking accessories and disguises ? This is the role of the settings and disguises department. From the order management to the decoration of the show scene, not forgetting the design of both garments and settings, the settings and disguises division sublimates the talent of comedians, singers and dancers.

Event & Canvassing Department
The Event & Canvassing department is a new department in the association. The main activities are the organization and conception of events such as half-year show, Student Got Talent... And also the solicitation of theatres or event sites and the research of sponsors.

Communication Department
In Broad’Lille communication department, both creativity and marketing awareness are essential qualities. During the year, our department has to imagine and create advertising for the events as well as for our association. For instance, we make the design of digital banners, trailers, or Facebook cover. Moreover, we ensure the visibility of our association on our social network by regularly posting appealing content, whether it is challenges, articles, or quizzes about musicals. Generally, the communication department is involved in any aspect related to Broad’Lille image, either in terms of clothing or the presentation of the association.

Recruitment takes place in one or two phases depending on the departments. Exercises or projects to be prepared in advance may be requested. At the time of the interview, two to four representatives of the pole and the association will be present to make you do exercises and ask you questions in order to evaluate your skills and get to know you better. The conversations are done in benevolence, and good mood, so don’t forget to present us your most beautiful smile at the time of our meeting!

President: Louis HAEGMAN
Email address:
Phone number: 06 35 35 18 61
Email address of the pole: