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OneID is the tech association of the Lille campus.

OneID was created in 2003 and aims to introduce new technologies to SKEMA students, as well as to people outside the school. The students also benefit from a loan of material and advice in the fields of computing and telephony. All this is possible thanks to the work done by the members of the different poles of the association. At the head of each pole of the association there is a person in charge of the good functioning of his pole and of the communication with the other poles when it concerns common projects.

Main events :
Digidays are OneID's signature event. The objective is to offer students a different approach to new technologies in the presence of professionals. Activities such as VR, conferences, 3D printing, light painting, robotics are presented in a playful way where everyone can have the chance to get acquainted with its novelties. Lasergames organized by OneID are an opportunity for SKEMA students to spend a good time together. The "open plays" are events that gather Skemians around video games, mainly Mario Kart, Fifa, Just Dance, Mario Smash Bros and Beat Saber thanks to VR headsets.

Communication Department
Its goal is to ensure the communication of internal events to the association, but also plays a main role outside of OneID itself. The members of the Comms department are in charge of the Photoshop training sessions that are provided to SKEMA Students. The idea is to also offer in the near future Excel training sessions as well to better prepare students to their potential internships later on. The Comms dept. is also in charge of designing, creating, and producing logos & posters to other SKEMA clubs for free !

Canvassing Department
The canvassing department allows our association to finance its events and projects. The collaboration with companies allows OneID, but also Skema, to shine. Thus, links are forged that can certainly lead to funding, but also to donations, support, service proposals, and even internship proposals for some of our members. Without the canvassing department in charge of the relationship with companies, no large-scale project could take place. It is therefore essential.

Event Department
The mission of the event department is to set up the events organized by OneID, from the choice of the event, the date of the place, to the organization of the event and the staff. This year this pole will be very solicited because we have for project to set up a big event (of regional/national scale), while remaining realistic.

Digital Department
The digital department of OneID is in charge of the technical part that the association must manage. In particular, it takes care of the creation and hosting of several association websites at the request of the latter. It deals with 3D printing and also allows students to have technical assistance and advice for various computer problems. Finally, the digital pole manages the equipment held by OneID as well as its loan, whether to associations or to SKEMA students.

Radio Department
OneID's radio center allows Skema students to express themselves and listen to columns on various subjects. The radio show is held every week and is an opportunity for all students on the Lille campus to learn more about the latest news in new technologies but also about other topics depending on the type of show. In addition to the broadcasts between the members of the radio pole of the association, we frequently invite other associations of Skema to come and discuss with us. This type of show allows the invited associations to discuss the events they are setting up, their news but also themes related to new technologies to make One ID shine.

Recruitment is very important at OneID because when you join the association, you become a member for life. So in order to make the right choice on the recruited members, there are three phases of recruitment. The first is a 30-minute interview with OneID members. The second phase consists of submitting a paper for each division that the candidate wishes to present. Finally, the third phase brings together members and candidates during aperitifs and parties to get to know each other.

President: Bastien DRONNE
Email address:
Phone number: 06 18 62 24 19
Email address of the association: