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Sk'enigma is an association promoting board games, culture, and poker.

Sk'enigma is a young association founded in 2019 and based on the Lille campus. The association organizes numerous events around games (escape games, afterworks, game nights, treasure hunts, tournaments of all kinds...). Sk'enigma also has a significant offshoot: the Skema Poker Club! Through online or live tournaments, Sk'enigma is committed to developing the poker community at Skema. The association is suitable for all types of players, from casual to passionate, and has all kinds of games: atmosphere (creativity, memory...), strategy (management, adventure, reflection...), classic (puzzles, skill...). Sk'enigma offers unique experiences with the aim of meeting people, building relationships, and having fun! The Sk'enigma local offers comfortable sofas to spend good times together as an association, so don't hesitate to come and see us !

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