HeForShe SKEMA Paris

The aim of HeForShe SKEMA BS Paris is to aware people about gender inequalities and to educate people about feminism.

Créée en septembre 2020, HeForShe SKEMA BS PARIS est issue de l’association mère HeForShe lancée par Emma Watson dans le cadre d’ONU FEMMES et de l’association HeForShe du campus de Lille. Le but de HeForshe est de sensibiliser et rallier les hommes à la cause féministe. Pour cela, à notre échelle, nous organisons des conférences sur différents thèmes et nous mettons en place des campagnes pour soutenir la cause féministe. Nous pensons qu’il est important pour SKEMA et plus globalement pour le monde entier d’éduquer les étudiants aujourd’hui car ce seront les managers de demain et donc par ce biais, nous pouvons essayer de réduire les inégalités homme-femme au travail.

Main events :

The women’s week : Organized in march, this week is based on daily conferences about a specific topic. The aim of this important week is to intensify the communication around these topics to raise awareness among SKEMA students about the inequalities which persist and about social problem they generate.

Menstruation Program : In order to fight menstrual insecurity, we implement a fundraising. Students can give protections or money and one part is for the toilets of SKEMA, and the other part is redistributed to Adsfasso, an association which helps women in difficulty.

Communication Department
The role of this pole is to communicate about the different events that we organize through mainly the social media, but also through posters in the campus. But they don’t only spread our events, they also have to communicate about many other feminist topics.

Event Department
The role of this pole is to organize events and to ensure the smooth running of those. They are in charge of thinking about potential event, their date, their place, the number of people attended, the potential guests, etc…

Prospecting Department
The role of this pole is to prospect the firms, associations and guests and to communicate with them concerning the different events. They are also in charge of potential partnerships.

We hire student from all programs (ESDHEM, L3, M1, M2) but also from all nationalities so international students are welcome. We organize recruitments in September and in January. Of course, it’s necessary to sustain feminism and a good command of English is a pro since some of members are English speakers (even if it’s not a fatal flaw).

President : Ludivine BONNEL
E-mail address : ludivine.bonnel@skema.edu
Phone number : 06 95 42 40 55
Facebook page : 
Heforshe Skema Paris
Instagram page : heforshe_skema_paris