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CASK, the association that federates all the associations of SKEMA Business School.

CASK (Confédération des Associations de SKEMA) was born from the merger in 2016 of FASK (in Lille) and CARA (in Sophia Antipolis). It is therefore a national association whose objective is to develop and support SKEMA's associative fabric. This desire is based on 3 pillars: Training / Advice / Audits that we are keen to develop throughout the year in order to benefit all associations. We provide associations with a range of training courses on the key points of association life (treasury, secretariat, communication, canvassing). In addition, each member of the CASK monitors one or two associations on a daily basis through audits, with the aim of providing appropriate and personalised advice.

Dain events Le MAC (My Associative Concept) est l’évènement phare de la CASK à Lille. En partenariat avec SKEMA Conseil, c’est un appel à projet d’évènement étudiant. Le but est de subventionner le projet innovant et ambitieux d’une association, grâce à nos partenaires.

Presidency and Vice-Presidency
This division must manage and coordinate the members of the association in order to ensure its smooth running. This division is the association's showcase to external partners.) It also puts all the presidents of the various associations in contact with each other and manages the association's calendar of events..

The treasury department is responsible for monitoring the association's treasury and ensuring its smooth running in the day-to-day activities related to the development of the school's associative fabric. The treasurers are also in charge of allocating grants to other SKEMA associations.

Le pôle Secrétariat est en charge de la gestion administrative de l’association, notamment par l’organisation des assemblées générales de l’association, la gestion du courrier, la déclaration en préfecture… Il est également en charge de la coordination des secrétaires des différentes associations de SKEMA et de s’assurer de leur bonne gestion administrative.

The Communication department is in charge of internal communication (via the CASK website, internal to the school) and external to SKEMA. It is the association's showcase and produces the various media and/or goodies used by the association. He also manages the association's social networks in order to promote the events of other associations within SKEMA and the various SKEMA partnerships.

The training department aims to offer various training courses to other associations, on various topics related to association life. These training courses can be carried out in partnership with other associations of the school.

Partner Relations
The Partner Relations Department manages the association's various partnerships. The aim of this department is to put companies in contact with CASK and other SKEMA associations in order to help them in their search for partnerships.

International Development
The International Development Department is in charge of coordinating the various national branches of CASK, as well as developing new branches on other campuses: Raleigh, Belo, Stellenbosh, Suzhou. This year, the cluster is developing a branch in Raleigh.

My Associative Concept (MAC)
The MAC department aims to develop and manage the MAC. It is in charge of coordinating with SKEMA Conseil, finding partners who will subsidise the prizes and the complete organisation of the event.

The recruitment process consists of 3 phases:

- A 15min interview with members of the association to assess the candidate's motivation

– Un cas pratique de 30min, en groupe, afin d’évaluer la capacité à travailler en groupe

- An aperitif/evening between all the members of the association and the candidates to get to know each other. These phases are very important because they allow us to make the right choice. The most important assets at CASK are motivation, professionalism and cohesion between all members.


Président : Oualid BEKHALED
Adresse mail :