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SKEMA Raleigh Student Organization

SKEMA Raleigh Student Organization is the student association of SKEMA Raleigh campus designed to enliven the campus life.


Its main goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere at SKEMA Raleigh by organizing various events throughout the year (cultural or sports activities, charity, trips, games, parties and so on). Since SKEMA is a partner of NCSU, the Student Organization shall reinforce the link between both communities i.e. SKEMA students with NCSU students to create a unique student melting pot. The Student Organization is also responsible for managing the Student Lounge which is a space dedicated to SKEMA students to study, eat and relax on campus.

Main events :

One of the main responsibilities of the Student Organization is to organize events that bring all SKEMA students together to celebrate American holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’ Day and more

One of the most long-awaited events is the end of year Gala that is usually organized in April to celebrate the end of the Academic year in Raleigh.

- Call and preside meetings
- Represent the Student Organization

Vice President, Treasurer
- Preside meetings at the absence or request of the President
- Keep the financial records of the Student Organization
– A pour responsabilité n’importe quelle activité de lever de fonds au profit de la Student Organization

Communication and Events Manager
Communicate and promote events organized by the Student Organization (in connection with the Social Media Ambassadors)


Contact : Maud Weeks
Email :