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HOPE is a student association with humanitarian, social, ecological and animal welfare purposes on the SKEMA campus in Sophia Antipolis.

Hope, Humanitarian Organization Promoting Equity, is the largest association based at SKEMA Business School. Ranked 6th best association in France and best international association in 2021, HOPE wishes to carry out projects that give meaning to everyone's life by making a real contribution to our society and our ecosystem through its various poles: international humanitarian, local humanitarian, environment, animal welfare and gender equality. The tutoring center will be created in this year 2022 to follow children who have dropped out of school.

Main events:
This year, HOPE Sophia Antipolis is joining forces with the NGO Bel Avenir to help children in Madagascar. This mission will be financed by the charity gala at the Casino de Cagnes-sur-mer in April.

On the local side, the second edition of the Environment Week will be held from March 21 to 26. The program will include the making of organic cosmetics, upcycling of clothes and pollution control on the beach to introduce students to ecological gestures.

The president ensures the smooth running of the association on a daily basis (human resources, technical resources, administration). He represents the association in all acts of civil life, each decision is taken in his name, under his personal responsibility and that of the association. The president ensures compliance with legal requirements, signs contracts on behalf of the association, implements the actions and decisions of the association, leads the meetings of the office, the poles and supervises the tasks of the treasurer and the secretary general.

The Vice President is the right arm of the President. He helps him to manage all the poles of the association and find new coherent projects. He ensures the missions of the president in his absence.

The secretary classifies all the documents relating to the life of the association, ensures the follow-up of the decisions taken in general assemblies (for example informing the prefecture of any modification of the statutes or in the administration within the time limits), plans and organizes the meetings and prepared meeting minutes.

The treasurer is responsible for the accounts and finances of the association. He ensures the keeping of the books of accounts: expenses and receipts; he develops the operations of the expenses to be incurred to carry out the activities and the associative projects: reimbursement of expenses, payment of invoices, etc. ; it proposes the objectives to be achieved in terms of cash inflow; it draws up the provisional budget; it encourages everyone to take responsibility; he ensures with the president if necessary the relations with the banker starting with the opening of a bank account or the resumption of the old account.

Event Department
In order to finance the humanitarian trip to Madagascar, the event department organizes the charity gala at the casino of Cagnes sur Mer next April. The events department also organizes after-work sessions and team building events!

Communication Department
The communication department communicates with Skémiens via social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, to keep you informed of upcoming events. All with an attractive design that is unique to HOPE!

Sponsors Department
We need the sponsors department which helps us to find financing and partners for each project.

Gender Equality Department
Free healthy sanitary pads are distributed on campus, menstrual panties are sold at unbeatable prices, a conference on women's rights is held... the gender equality division ensures gender equity among students and leads a large-scale fight.

Wildlife Department
The wildlife department is committed to animal protection in the Sophia region. Between two marketing classes, the Hopiens walk the Spa's dogs, collect kibble and sell honey collected by SKEMA's bees.

Environment Department
This year, the environment department is organizing the second edition of the environment week! Introducing students to ecology and organizing clean-ups in nature are their primary missions

International Humanitarian Department
Destination Madagascar! This year, the international humanitarian department lends a hand to the NGO Bel Avenir in Tuléar by fulfilling various aid missions: education, environment...

Local Humanitarian Department
If you are looking for the members of the local humanitarian department, you will certainly find them at the Antibes Red Cross, where they lend a hand every week. Léa and her team organize food collections and marauding, but also blood donations and rugby initiations for children in educational homes.

The recruitment phases take place in November and January. The recruitments have a crucial stake. Indeed, the two rounds are essential to constitute a solid and united mandate for the following year. A sense of responsibility and good humor are the watchwords.

President: Eva MONCHI
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