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BDE Minotau'red

The Sophia Antipolis Student Office, which aims to unite the skema Sophia 2021/2022 class.

The BDE is composed of BBA, MsC and L3, we have been elected since October. We succeed to the Rhinocerose.

Main events :

SEI: integration seminar which takes place in September and which aims to bring together the old and new classes in a place other than the Sophia Antipolis campus.

Gala: this takes place in November and aims to bring together as many people as possible from the class of 2021/2022 in a prestigious, well-dressed venue to close our semester.

Event Department
The role of the event department is to set up the events proposed by the members of the BDE. We are in charge of contacting the different actors of an event, the managers of a nightclub, the managers of an activity, etc. while informing the administration of our intentions.

Communication Department
- Responsible for the communication strategy of the BDE.
- Creation of videos, visuals and content to promote activities and events organized by the BDE.
- Structure and animate the community management: Management of the Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages; Management and animation of the school's groups.
- Daily management of the association with the other members of the office: events, budget management, integration...
➔ Use of Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Canva software ... 

Inter-association Department
The objectives of the Inter-Associations Department are to organise the school's association calendar and to moderate relations between the various student associations. This position requires rigour, organisation, good people skills and diplomacy.

Sponsors' Department
The mission of the sponsors' department is to seek out financial or material partnerships in order to meet the needs of the bde for its operations or during special events.
Its other mission is to look for advantageous partnerships for the students (reduced prices, prizes to be won, advantages)

Président x VP : Oversee all activities and work of the members of the association, guide and advise them, be present to represent the association. Manage progress and push members to continue their work. To be available and attentive to each remark, whether it is a member of the BDE or a student of SKEMA, in order to ensure their well-being within the school and/or their association. The President should be able to delegate tasks to the Vice-Presidents if the workload is too heavy and, conversely, the Vice-President should be able to take over from the President.

Treasurer: managing the association's budget, checking money in and out of the BDE. A financial notion must be mastered in order to be coherent and serious in the investment of money. Be aware of the different partnerships in order to evaluate whether they can be profitable or not.

Secretary: be present at all meetings to provide a full report of all matters discussed, whether events, remarks, questions etc, to remind all members of the purpose of the meeting, and to inform all those who were unable to attend the meeting. Also to list the points to be reviewed or improved for the continuation of the mandate. The role also covers all administrative procedures concerning the association.

A list campaign (2 or 3) is carried out between September and November. The different lists must compete during these two months in order to show their desire to succeed the current BDE. All the people on the Sophia campus can vote.

President: Thibault RICHARD
Email address:
Phone number: 06 40 97 66 06