Work In Progress   ______________________ President : Jérôme GROLLIER Contact :   Association gérée par les étudiants du Programme Grande École du campus de Lille

BDE Magestik

The BDE Magestik aims to federate the Lille promotion. Its 19 members presided over by Clémence David make every effort to offer pleasant events so that students can get to know each other and get along. BDE Magestik also organizes

BDE SK’Libur

We are pleased to introduce you the new BDE of SKEMA Paris, Sk’libur. This community is managed by Inès Ben Hassine, and its main goal is to foster cohesion, and friendly relations between all the students of SKEMA. To do

Passion Ovale

Passion Ovale

The Esprit Passion Ovale association aims to promote rugby and its values within SKEMA. We seek to unite students around a common passion and to organize numerous sporting, charitable and associative events during the year. Passion Ovale is in constant