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The impact of student associations at SKEMA Business School

Student associations at SKEMA Business School have a tangible impact by actively aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 3D plan of SKEMA Transitions. Student associations are catalysts for sustainable change, intercultural understanding, and social responsibility within the SKEMA community.


The students of the HOPE association are committed to humanitarian work and the promotion of equity worldwide. With its humanitarian operations conducted on all continents, the association embodies a desire to act, not only by conducting social actions but also environmental and educational initiatives, either in France or internationally, where it remains established. By extending to animal protection, HOPE strengthens its commitment to inclusive sustainable development, underscoring the importance of solidarity and education for all.


HeForShe at SKEMA embodies the commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal No. 5, working for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. SKEMA’s student branch raises awareness and engages the student community in an inclusive dialogue, encouraging everyone, especially men, to actively contribute to this cause. Adopting a positive and proactive approach, HeForShe aims to transform perceptions and inspire concrete actions for an egalitarian future in society at large and in the professional world.


To contribute widely to improving students' mental health, Open Mind enriches student life at SKEMA with a series of initiatives promoting well-being and mental health, aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 3 for good health and well-being. Sophrology sessions, workshops with its partner Nightline on mental health, and conferences with PourParlers illustrate this commitment. The students involved in Open Mind strive to promote a university environment that supports the mental and physical health of students.


Enactus SKEMA Lille represents social innovation through the development and incubation of student projects that aim to promote sustainability, the circular economy, and inclusion. These initiatives reflect the association's commitment to creating a positive impact within the SKEMA community and beyond, aligning student actions with the principles of sustainable and social entrepreneurship.


The Sustainability Committee, an association present on the Belo Horizonte campus, illustrates the students' commitment to sustainable development through key initiatives: creating green walls, recycling batteries, and reducing the use of plastics. These actions underline the importance of environmental responsibility, waste management, and sustainable consumption, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


PAPS, SKEMA's animal protection association, embodies the students' commitment to sustainable development that honours the connection with the living world. By raising awareness among the Skemians about the animal cause, promoting the exchange of experiences, and assisting shelters, the students forge close links between animal welfare and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Since 1969, SKEMA Conseil, the Junior-Enterprise of SKEMA, embodies the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). ISO9001 certified, the JE encourages responsible entrepreneurship through events such as the Innovation Springboards, offering funded studies for innovative projects. The My Associative Concept (MAC) also promotes CSR by financially supporting responsible associative projects.


SKEMA Ventures Club supports student entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School, providing a framework for turning ideas into concrete projects.
Through events such as "THE INCUBATOUR", interviews, and Entrepreneurship Week, the club encourages exchange and co-creation. The goal is to cultivate a rich and diverse entrepreneurial community.


SKEMAFRICA acts as a bridge between Africa and the students of SKEMA Business School. This recent association aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17.
By fostering intercultural understanding and cooperation, SKEMAFRICA contributes to enhancing the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.


Kosmopolitans, the international association at SKEMA Paris, dedicates itself to welcoming international students and integrating them into both the student life at SKEMA and the broader Parisian culture. Through organising events that celebrate various national and international cultures, Kosmopolitans promotes an environment of inclusivity and diversity.


Interculture welcomes and integrates international students at SKEMA. It aims to facilitate intercultural exchanges through a sponsorship system between French and international students. Through its flagship events, such as the "Buddy parties", encounters between students from diverse cultures are made easier, all in a friendly atmosphere.


S’Konnection remains a driving force in creating an inclusive environment, promoting interculturality and solidarity within the school. This association not only facilitates the integration of international students on a daily basis but also embodies one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by fostering inclusive education, for example through organising French support classes, or by setting up multicultural events.


PourParlers, the student platform of SKEMA Business School, aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through conferences featuring personalities from the world of impact entrepreneurship, public figures, and committed artists. Moreover, the association organises its annual MUN, an immersive activity that engages students in the role-playing of multilateral diplomacy. This initiative aims to initiate participants in global citizenship.


Diskovery is committed to promoting sustainable culinary practices on SKEMA's French campuses. The association values the use of local products, proximity production, sustainable and seasonal, thereby contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and supporting the local economy.


Ateliê is committed to raising awareness about sustainable fashion. By founding this association, it promotes more environmentally friendly practices and workers' rights in the fashion industry. Focusing on creativity and entrepreneurship, especially among Brazilian designers and entrepreneurs, Ateliê aims to foster a more conscious approach to fashion, encouraging the use of ecological materials and the adoption of eco-friendly manufacturing practices.


Metamorphose raises awareness within the SKEMA student community and beyond through initiatives related to fashion, beauty, and luxury, with a focus on CSR through charitable events like the Skmet Gala, supporting the missions of HOPE. Furthermore, the association promotes sustainable fashion and upcycling in its fashion shows, highlighting the importance of reusing materials and responsible practices in the fashion industry.


Belle Rive Paris, with a renewed commitment to sustainable fashion, enriches its campus agenda with eco-responsible initiatives. In addition to Color Week, which encourages self-expression through color while raising awareness of conscious fashion consumption, the upcoming flagship event is Skema'Fripe. This pop-up thrift store invites students to embrace circular fashion by selling their used clothing, thus reducing waste and promoting textile recycling.


Avenue Montaigne is moving towards a more sustainable approach to the fashion sector. By integrating awareness of ethical fashion into its flagship events, the association commits to promoting environmentally friendly practices.