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Joining a student association at a SKEMA offers the benefit of fostering a sense of commitment while also providing exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.

At SKEMA Business School, every student is invited to find their place within a vibrant and multi-cultural student community that reflects the cultural diversity of our business school. In this respect, the versatility of our pedagogical approach, rooted in global realities and current social needs, makes SKEMA a place where education goes beyond traditional boundaries.

The beating heart of SKEMA's student life, the 80 associations active within the school, are more than just a complement to the academic curriculum. At SKEMA, we strongly believe in the power of community involvement to forge tomorrow’s leaders, which are both aware of and connected to the world around them.

In this regard, gender parity in our associations remains a reflection of our commitment to equality and inclusion, with 64.21% of women in executive positions and 55.56% among all members of the student community. Associations are a conducive environment where each student, regardless of their identity, can thrive and contribute to the school's reputation.

Diverse and varied, the associations offer a fantastic platform where leadership, innovation, and solidarity meet, enabling everyone to develop and welcome essential soft skills for personal and professional life, namely: self-confidence, team spirit, and adaptability.

By joining the associative mosaic of SKEMA, you are not just participating in an external activity; you are part of a movement that shapes a collaborative, fair, and innovative future.