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SKEMA Finance multi-campus

From market finance to corporate finance, SKEMA Finance aims to introduce you to the world of finance and help you understand it.  

Founded in 2008, SKEMA Finance is a finance association focused on both market finance and corporate finance. Stock market competitions, investment club, podcast, visits to major financial centers, This association is a means of awakening to the major financial themes of our time, through collaboration between all our members and our partners. In 2021, the 3 associations in France are merging to create a homogeneous national association and to adopt a global website. 
The result of the merger of the finance associations of the Lille and Sophia campuses, it is now also present on the Paris and Raleigh campuses. The association's objective is to popularise corporate and market finance. Throughout the year, passionate members get together to work on a number of projects such as the Trading Contest, visits to trading rooms, and professional conferences to get a real immersion in the financial sector. 
The most inexperienced will find it a way to learn more about finance, and the more experienced a perfect way to put their knowledge to good use.



The Trading Contest is a market finance-oriented competition which brings together students from three French campuses for a month. The candidate's objective is to make maximum profits and thus hope to win one of the prizes offered.

The M&A Contest is a corporate finance-oriented competition which brings together several students from Skema and other major French schools. The objective is to study, from a given case, the means and the possibility or not for a company to acquire/merge with another. The winners of this competition win prestigious prizes. 

The Skema Financial Forum is an event organized with our partner PwC France. The principle is to invite expert speakers in their fields to debate and discuss the issues and the future of finance. For example, we had the privilege of receiving the CEO France of Binance or the CEO France of Euronext. This event brings together the 3 Skema campuses as well as other major higher education institutions.

The association allows to visit major financial centers such as Frankfurt where members had the opportunity to attend a conference at the European Central Bank and visit the trading room of the German Stock Exchange, the DAX 40.
The association regularly organizes conferences inviting professionals from the finance sector to come and share their journey and experiences. Market finance, corporate finance, regulator etc. Everyone is benefiting !  


Thanks to our partnerships, SkeFi Paris often has the opportunity to visit large companies. These privileged networking opportunities allow SkeFi members to meet finance experts, network and gain financial knowledge. Our collaboration with TrainingYou, for example, gave us the opportunity to visit the offices of Financière de Courcelles as well as those of the M&A Kickston Boutique in Paris. Similarly, thanks to our partnership with PwC, SkeFi Paris participated in many "Associations Training Day" in Paris and benefited from a visit of PwC’s premises in Luxembourg. Many other trips are planned. 

This year, we successfully launched the first M&A Contest in Paris, a competiton focused on corporate finance. The objective of this competition is to analyze, from a concrete case, the possibilities and strategies of acquisition or merger for a company in front of bankers from prestigious companies.  

SkeFi Paris also regularly organizes conferences with leaders in the financial industry. This year, we had the privilege of welcoming the CEO of Barclays France, Raoul Salomon. 

Our other events focus on mentoring, supporting and sharing opportunities. The presence of students in M1 and M2 allows to ask questions, seek advice or help from people who have already done internships or a master’s degree in finance. It is common for internship offers or networking opportunities to be shared within the association, thus offering our members privileged access to the job market in the financial sector. 


One of our flagship events is the M&A Contest: a major inter-school competition which offers the opportunity to work and discover the environment through a practical team case. 
On the other hand, the Trading Contest presents itself as another flagship project of the association. The Trading Contest, in partnership with XTB broker, is a 3-week cross-campus trading competition where the students with the best performance win a prize. 

Our other events revolve around conferences, training, tutoring and seminars.  



 President: Florian FAYARD


Président : Hamza BELKOUCH 


President: Benoît GOUVERNEUR