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SKEMA Venture Club multi-campus

Innovate, Develop, Entrepreneurship

SKEMA Ventures Club is an association of young entrepreneurs, in close collaboration with the SKEMA Ventures incubator, which aims to promote entrepreneurship within SKEMA and outside. Established internationally, the association delivers thematic conferences with entrepreneurs, hackathons, training, and pitch competitions to support project leaders towards incubation. 



“Qui veut être mon Sk’associé ?” is a pitch competition intended to give participants a first step into the world of entrepreneurship. 

L’The EntrepreNight is an acceleration event where participants will have to set up a project in one night then pitch it to a jury the next day. 

The SKVC x Le Wagon training courses introduce student project leaders to tools that will allow them to save time and improve their prototyping methods. 

The SKVC x PourParlers entrepreneurial conferences make it possible to make alumni with entrepreneurial experience to share accessible to students. 

Participation in SKEMA Ventures events: Startup Kafé, Bootstrap and STARTONIC Weekend which are part of a logic of accelerating skemian startups. 


Au programme de l’antenne parisienne:

Speed-dating entrepreneurial 

Business Gala 

Startup Kafé 



The 2024 Pitch Competition (Sophia, Paris, Lille): Pitch your groundbreaking ideas at the SKVC 2024 Pitch Competition for a chance to secure vital support and elevate your entrepreneurial journey.   

2024 Venture Capital Investment Competition (Business Partners) : Act as venture capitalists with €100M to invest in presenting startups, analyzing opportunities and pitching their investment strategies to VC judges.   

Newsletters: Stay in the entrepreneurial loop with our newsletters, delivering selected content on industry trends, VC news, success stories, and valuable insights.   

Brainstorming Sessions: Collaborate and innovate in our brainstorming sessions, share your sparkling ideas without limitation and we together to transform visions to reality.  

Entrepreneurship Seminars: Gain insights from seasoned experts at our Entrepreneurship Seminars, empowering yourself with the tools to navigate the complexities of the business world. 



President: Yanis ABASSI


President: Paul-Louis LOONIS


President: Kexun YE