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Wine not?

Millésime is a student association of SKEMA Business School located on the Sophia Antipolis campus. The association is responsible for introducing students to the fields of wine, beer, and spirits. To achieve this, Millésime organizes tastings and visits to vineyards and breweries. The association's flagship event is undoubtedly the Millésime Rally. In addition to these events, the association is active on social media, allowing it to provide students with educational and entertaining content on these same themes. The association is comprised of several divisions, each responsible for a different area (oenology division, spirits division, beer division). 


The Millésime Rally is the flagship event offered by Millésime. In a nutshell, it's an event that spans one to several days of exploring the different domains of the region. The Millésime Rally brings together SKEMA students in teams for fun activities centered around the themes of oenology, zythology, and spirits, all while visiting nearby estates. The goal is to enrich everyone's knowledge while participating in a fun group experience. 
The tastings organized by Millésime offer SKEMA students collective activities during which they have the opportunity to taste drinks like wine, spirits, or beer. These tastings provide students with the chance to learn more about these beverages, whether it's about their characteristics, the different ways to serve and taste them (service temperatures, different glasses, food and drink pairings, understanding how to read a label, etc.). 


President: Louis GAUBERT