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The Gargantue’Sk oenology association was created in 1992. With its history, it mainly aims to introduce all students to the cultural richness that oenology and beer represent. 

Through its numerous events, most popular with Skema students, the association seeks, on the one hand, to share its values of family spirit, sharing and curiosity and, on the other hand, to benefit from the aromatic and cultural palette of this emblematic sector in France.


Tastings: the aim of the tastings is to help students appreciate the sensory characteristics of a wine as well as to introduce them to the art of combining the flavors of dishes with those of wines. Many tastings are done in collaboration with other associations such as Enactus (Talk & Wine), Océane or Métamorphose (champagne tasting).
Semi-wine: the semi-wine aims to allow us to discover, over a weekend in Burgundy, the wine-growing professions in their reality but also the opportunities that this area could offer us.
Inter-school oenology fair: fair at our initiative where the different oenology associations from business schools in France will come together to celebrate the art of tasting and share their knowledge and ideas.
Cuvée: presentation and tasting of an exclusive vintage carefully selected by the members of the cluster, accompanied by a meal prepared by members of the association.
Apéro Biero: beer tasting allowing you to learn more about the world of beerology while enjoying local dishes. 


President: Martin TRICHARD