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SKEMA Business School's Oenology and Beerology Association

Gargantue'Sk, founded in 1992, is the oenology and beerology club of SKEMA Business School. Its goal is to introduce and train students of school to the French and foreign wine heritage in order to make them appreciate all the richness of it through several events such as tastings or oenology courses. Gargantue'Sk also participates in the prestigious blind tasting competition (2nd place overall and 1st in Red in the 2020 Pol Roger competition) and has the honor to propose each year its Cuvée that is selects with care. According to the Revue des Vins de France, it is one of the 3 best student oenological clubs in France. Gargantue'Sk is first of all a big family that tries to share its passion and innovate to try to developp the association.

Main events:
The most important events of the association are the tastings, organized by the members, which allow students to discover the French and foreign wine heritage. Gargantue'Sk offers various events such as tastings with themes: Italian wines, Burgundy wines, organic wines, wine-cheese accord, etc. 

Another event of the association is the semi-wine. It is the organzation of a weekend of discovery of the French wine heritage with Skemiens. The goal is to solicit vineyards, wine merchants, room managers and gites in order to give rise to visits and activites around wine.

The Canvassing Department
The members of this department are a very important part of the association. They are the ones who will negotiate partnerships with wine shops, organize events by contacting venue managers and canvassing wineries and châteaux. It is also thanks to our canvassing department that we manage to keep our existing partners loyal.

Communication Department
The main mission of the Communication Department is to give visibility to our beautiful GG family. Their mission is to imagine the communication of each event by the realization of visuals and attractive texts which will make you want to attend all the events organized by Gargantue'Sk! From the sale of the GG wine, through tastings, to the realization of after movies of the events, our Communication Department is a pillar of the association. The members also do community management, i.e. they take care of the Facebook and Instagram pages during events and manage the Gargantue'sk website which publishes news, articles on oenology and oenology tips (feel free to go and have a look!).

Food and Wine Pairing Unit
The Food and Wine Pairing Unit is here to delight your taste buds! The members meet before each event in order to concoct dishes that will go perfectly with the different wines served during the tastings. They will listen to you and give you good advice if you are looking for a pairing for a dinner with your parents-in-law or simply for an aperitif with friends. This center is also a training center in terms of culinary skills.

The "Cuvée" Department
Each year, Gargantue'sk has the honor of presenting its cuvée at a long-awaited unveiling by the skémiens. The cuvée pole is in charge of choosing the GG cuvée every year. To do so, they have to approach wine growers in order to produce a bottle of wine bearing the Gargantue'sk logo, contribute to the perpetuation of the GG vintage, and participate in the organization of the unveiling of the vintage. Finally, they are responsible for the sale of the cuvée and its discovery by the students.

The Competition Department
The competitions are the highlight of the association's reputation. The competition pole gathers the most refined connoisseurs of Gargantue'sk. After having formed a team, the members of this pole have to organize regular training sessions and get information in order to register for competitions. They are also in charge of organizing transportation and logistics for the participation in the competitions with the help of the association and to organize and perpetuate the events "initiations to oenology" which make discover the bases of the wine tasting in an intimate place and in small committee.

Beerology Department
The North is the land of beer, so it is important for us to also highlight the jewels and know-how of our region. We want to promote 100% local. That's why the brewery pole is so important on the Lille campus. Its role is to negotiate with breweries to obtain partnerships, to find places and organize events in order to make the students discover the world of beer (brewery visits, tastings), to canvass brewers, to develop the loyalty of existing partners and finally to participate in the writing of articles for the website on beer.

Semi-wine Department
Yes, you are not dreaming! Your favorite oenology association gathers its most serious members in order to organize a weekend in a wine domain. On the program: weekend discovery of the French wine heritage and regional products, conference for the more or less knowledgeable but also a lot of meetings! This is the time for you to start networking if you aspire to work in oenology. The members of this pole have different missions: to canvass vineyards, wine merchants, owners of gites in order to give rise to visits and activities around wine. The logistic part is not the least! You will have to plan transportation, accommodation and activities.

If you want to pass the recruitment phases of Gargantue'Sk, you should know that you are about to join a great family! This is a demanding moment that will require strength and skill but also knowledge (don't worry, cramming is allowed...). It is a friendly moment that will allow us to know you and your motivations better. The preparation time will be short, and that's why we will be lenient, don't panic! The description of the phases is kept secret but it is to better surprise you. See you soon!

President: Mark PETIT
Email address:
Phone number: 06 66 52 00 41
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