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Enactus multi-campus

We are entrepreneurs of social and environmental causes. 

Enactus is an international NGO made up of a global network which brings together 70,000 students each year in 36 countries. Our branch on the Lille campus was created in 2015 with one objective: to promote social and sustainable entrepreneurship within SKEMA. To achieve this objective, we incubate and develop impactful student projects every year, while organizing inspiring events around these themes.


Projets : 

Carrot&Collect : Carrot&Collect is a project offering local produce at low prices to Skema students and faculty. Via digital orders anyone in the Skema ecosystem can have access to healthy and seasonal produce!

Cycl’one : Cycl’One is a thrift store offering second-hand items and upcycling (creating new clothes from old clothes) at low prices, using clothes donated by students. 

EOS : EOS is an ethical, eco-responsible and inclusive sports t-shirt brand project intended for student sports teams.  

Keiko: Keiko offers student associations the means to make their world 100% responsible, from recruitment to the organization of events, all thanks to a digital toolbox. Jointly incubated by Enactus and Skema Ventures in 2024, the startup takes off in 2025!


Eclosion seminar: The Eclosion seminar takes place over several days, bringing together dozens of Enactus affiliated professionals and students in the same city. It takes place every year at the beginning of the mandate to allow the office and the projects to get to know the Enactus ecosystem and to get the projects off the ground in the right conditions. It is followed by several workshops and webinars during the year.

Talk’n WineThe Talk'n Wine is the flagship event of Enactus Skema Lille! The concept? An annual round table of committed entrepreneurs ready to inspire and advise students. The evening, which is in collaboration with Gargantue'Sk, consists of a wine tasting from sustainable agriculture, allowing for a unique human exchange! 

Start Impact: Start Impact is the event that reconciles entrepreneurship and feminism. For an afternoon, we invite independent designers and business women with an environmental and social aspect to their creative process to come and offer their products.  

Committed Career Fair: This exhibition organized in collaboration with Skema Ventures Club aims to bring together as many impactful professionals and entrepreneurs as possible to allow Skemiens to meet their potential future employer, or at least their potential future committed internship. 

Green finance conference: This conference, organized in collaboration with SKEMA Finance Lille, aims to inform and raise awareness among Skemians about green finance by inviting a representative of a green investment fund to share their innovative ideas on how whose sustainable investments can shape the future of finance. 


Our flagship event is Carrot&Collect which is a sale of fruit and vegetables at reduced prices for students. The products come from the region, which allows students to eat more sustainably through local products but also to eat healthier through more accessible products. 



President: Nicolas CARRÉ


President: Sarah RIMBOEUF