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PourParlers - Student forum

PourParlers is SKEMA’s student forum. Located on the Lille, Paris, and soon Sophia campus, it aims to inspire and share culture and information within the school.

Created in 2006, the association now has some 40 members divided into five hubs on the Lille campus. The association has been present in Paris since September 2020 and plans to open a branch on the Sophia campus in the near future. The association traditionally organizes conferences with public figures from all fields (sports, culture, politics....). It also organizes debates and the school's eloquence contest (the Ciceron Prize), UN simulations (MUN), and writes and publishes the monthly newspaper POD (Le Petit Oiseau Déchaîné). All of this is promoted by the communication department. Thanks to its numerous meetings and the diversity of its missions, PourParlers has made a place for itself in the associative landscape of Lille by offering students the opportunity to get informed, debate and meet in order to share common passions.

Main events:
Each year the association organises the SKEMA eloquence competition: the Ciceron Prize. After two selection rounds, the four best speakers compete in a fiery final before an exceptional jury. This year, 2022, will mark the fifth edition of the Ciceron Prize. In addition to its flagship conferences, the association organises a major annual UN simulation: the SKEMUN. SKEMA students and students from other schools meet for a weekend and are plunged into the heart of the United Nations. Divided into delegations representing one country, the students defend their interests and debate in order to find the best solution to the problem at hand.

Conferences and Canvassing Department
The departmentorganises several conferences each year to allow the whole student community, and more, to meet personalities who impact our time: politicians, public figures, professors, artists... The association has for example received Hubert Vedrine, Alexis Corbière, Jacques Attali, and Isaac Getz. In addition to these conferences, the department is responsible for canvassing financial partners.

POD Department
Its main mission is to write the school's emblematic newspaper, Le Petit Oiseau Déchaîné (POD). But the pole also works to synthesise the news, to reflect on social issues, to participate in the student radio, and of course to correct spelling mistakes. In order to promote the writing talents of the student, the department participates in a national student press competition and organises writing workshops.

Eloquence and Debates Department
Directly linked with the activities of the FFD (French Debate Federation), the members are the actors of friendly debates, and of Lille and national eloquence competitions. The department also organises the Cicero Prize, the school's eloquence competition, presided over each year by exceptional juries. All members are active in all other projects (organisation of debates, training, workshops).

MUN Department
A MUN is a simulation of the United Nations, through which the different delegations present at international negotiations are represented. Each delegation takes on the role of a country and must defend its interests. The cluster therefore participates in various national and international MUNs (GEMUN, AUCMUN). It also organises security council simulations, crisis management, MUNs, and summaries of geopolitical news within SKEMA. Members are trained and then able to practice at the international level.

Communication Department
Essential in the association, it ensures the transmission of information within the association and the school. By communicating about upcoming events through written and visual support, on social networks and in SKEMA, the pole aims to strengthen the association's visibility. The members learn to master the major techniques of communication and graphics, and make the numerous events of our association shine.

Recruitment is open to all Skema's students and takes place in 3 phases: the first phase consists of an interview, the second consists of a task to be handed in according to the division requested, and the third consists of a friendly aperitif for the applicants and the members of the association.

President: Baptiste KORETA
Email address:
Phone number: 06 14 78 41 16
Email address of the association: