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BDS – Lille

The Sports Office of SKEMA BS (Lille campus) has the mission of promoting sports practice among students.

In order to achieve this objective, the BDS, composed of 25 individuals, organizes various sports events aimed at SKEMA students and sometimes a wider audience during its term. These events are organized through the collaboration of three BDS departments: the communication department, the outreach department, and the events department. The BDS also oversees the Skeerleaders, Skema's cheerleading association, and this year saw the significant development of SKOP, a supporters' collective that encourages Skema's sports teams.


One of the flagship events is the annual ski seminar, which brings together over 300 participants from SKEMA's 3 French campuses. There is also the traditional annual race "La Lilloise" which takes place in the heart of the citadel, gathering more than 200 participants. We are also currently organizing the very first student cycling event linking Lille to Paris by bike.


President: Thibault CORDELETTE