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SKEMA Job Service

The Direct Marketing professional association of SKEMA Business School which aims to offer payed jobs to the students of the parisian campus.

Born in 2021, SKEMA Job Service is the Direct Marketing professional association of SKEMA Business School on the parisian campus. Our goal ? We offer a large panel of missions to SKEMA students but also enable the members of our association to administrate a real associative business as they have to deal with new clients, planify and organize the missions, manage the traeasury, the registrations, the hiring-process etc... Beyond the remuneration, SKEMA's parisian Job Service also enables the students to gain experience and write it down in their resume, as well as having a first glimpse in the professional environment.

Main events:
CNJS : the job services' national confederation, which gathers twice a year all the other French job services, is the main event for our association. By the way, we also have the possibility to organize it ourselves and welcome te other job services at home. We can meet the other similar associations to share our business strategies and experiences to gain professional skills.

Student Job Fair : organised at each beginning of the year, this student job fair aims to make students meet companies easily.

Sales Department
From the issuance of the business proposal to the sending of the invoice to the client, the commercial division is responsible for carrying out each of the missions given to the association. The project manager is the main contact for the client and the students throughout the mission. The qualities required to be part of this division are rigor and the sense of contact and relationship.

Business Development Department
The role of the business development division is crucial for the association as its members have to get in touch with new leads, maintain a good relationship with existing clients and guarantee their satisfaction. Being part of this division requires having good relational skills, being able to deal professionaly (professional codes) and keeping the upper hand on the client as well as listening to him.

Communication Department
His task is to enhance the image and the expertise of the association, as well as increasing its visibility among the students and the companies, by posting the NEWS and SJS job offers on social medias.This division has to think on the communication strategy of the association, on the visuals to post, the online-content, the newsletters, the events...The qualities required for this division are the curiosity, creativity, dynamism, ambition and good writing and communication skills.

Treasury Department
This division is the guarantor of the good financial health of the association.
The treasurer is the association's interlocuter with the bank and the accountant.
The main tasks of the treasurer are to :
– manage the students' payments
– check the sending of the clients' invoices

Due to the professional aspect of the association, the hiring process will be divided in two parts. 1st part : you will have to attend a amphi session for the president of the association and the division managers to introduce SKEMA Job Service in detail, you will also be able to meet and talk with the members of the association to know more about it. The 2nd part : it will consist in presenting a 2 to 3 minute motivation speech to introduce yourself, tell us more about your interests, your motivations to be part of our team, what you will bring to our association and the divisions which you can be interested in. This speech will be followed by a "Fast & Curious" to get to know more about yourself.

President : Divine FOUCAULT
Email address :
Phone number: 07 66 01 74 72