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Kosmopolitans is the association responsible for welcoming international students and promoting cultural diversity on SKEMA Business School's Paris campus. 

Kosmopolitans is the international association of SKEMA Paris. It is responsible of welcoming international students and integrating them into Skemian student life, as well as into the life of the capital city. Kosmopolitans also helps Skemians discover new cultures through national, international and religious celebrations. Kosmopolitans was founded in 2021 under the French law of 1901.
Our values are open-mindedness, curiosity and altruism. We promote diversity and tolerance. We are committed to bringing together French and international students who want only one thing: to exchange, share and discover each other. 


  • Rio Carnival 
  • Lunar New Year 
  • Buddy System 
  • Asian Week 
  • Meals to break the fast 


President: Kawcey KIM