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SKEMA Ventures Club Raleigh

Dive into the world of entrepreneurship with Skema Ventures Club

SKEMA Ventures Club is a young entrepreneurship club, working closely with the SKEMA Ventures incubator to promote entrepreneurship within SKEMA and beyond.   With an international presence, the association offers themed conferences with successful entrepreneurs, training and pitch competitions help project leaders on their way to incubation.  


“Qui veut être mon Sk’associé ?” is a pitch competition intended to give participants a first step into the world of entrepreneurship.
L’EntrepreNight is an acceleration event where participants will have to set up a project in one night then pitch it to a jury the next day.
Participation in SKEMA Ventures events: Startup Kafé, Bootstrap, which are part of an acceleration program for SKEMA startups.  


President: Céleste PAURON