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Enactus is the association of the association dedicated to the "entrepreneurs for good" at the SKEMA Sophia Antipolis campus.

At Enactus, we believe that each individual carries within them the desire for a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world and that it is by revealing these dreams and by giving confidence in each person in their capacity to act that we will bring out a desirable society for all!

Enactus France is a team of committed, enterprising and passionate people who are endowed with communicative optimism! We are determined to involve our various stakeholders in our actions. The governance of the association reflects this desire to connect the worlds of business, education and social entrepreneurship. Since its inception, Enactus France has supported high school students, students and organizations throughout mainland France and overseas.

Four regional offices have been deployed since 2002 to be closer to our beneficiaries.

Main events:
Enactalks are Enactus' signature event. The objective is to offer students a challenge leading them to pitch their projects in front of an assembly of interested students and potential professionals. Activities such as pitch coaching, support for your project and specialized workshops will be available to you in our association to help you prepare for this big day.

The Hatching Seminar is also one of the most amazing and informative events you will ever attend. Taking place in Lille each year, it brings together hundreds of actors and actors to boost project leaders in their progress and to sharpen the capacities of the members of the association's office. Believe us, this event remains etched in your memory.

Event Department
The event department's mission is to set up the events organized by Enactus, ranging from the choice of the event, the date, the place, to the organization of the event, the staff. This year this department will be very solicited because we have many old projects already all prepared and considered but they require great organizational capacities.

Communication Department
Its purpose is to ensure the communication of events internal to the association, but also plays a role outside of Enactus. It is the members of the com department who ensure the publications on the social networks and the communication of the event. Its role is also to produce logos and posters free of charge to ensure the visibility of communications.

Canvassing Department
The canvassing department allows our association to finance its events and projects. Collaboration with companies allows Enactus, but also Skema, to shine. Thus, links are forged that can certainly give rise to funding, but also to donations, support, service proposals, and even internship proposals for some of our members. Without the canvassing department taking charge of the relationship with companies, no large-scale project could take place. It is therefore essential.

Recruitment is very important at Enactus because when you join the association, you become a member of a much larger system than the simple association of Skema Sophia Antipolis. So to make the right choice on the recruited members, there are three phases of recruitment. The first is a 30-minute interview with members of Enactus. The second is to submit a job for each department that the candidate wishes to join. Finally, the third brings together members and candidates during aperitifs and evenings in order to get to know each other.

President: Mathis BOTS
Email address:
Phone number: 06 95 03 98 50
Email address of the association: